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Is 2b2t Priority Queue Worth It?

2b2t priority queue

Last Updated on March 17, 2022 by tim

2b2t, the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft, is infamous for making players wait in a very long queue before joining the server. It typically takes several hours to make it out of the queue, and if you somehow get disconnected while waiting in the queue tough luck–you will be sent straight to the back.

2b2t does have a paid priority queue that gets you quicker access to the server. I previously wrote a guide on how to skip the queue for free, but what if you really want to play on the server right away without investing time and energy into learning techniques to manage the amount of time you spend in the queue? Is priority queue worth it?

First, how much does the priority queue cost? You can purchase priority queue here for $19.99/month. You can purchase priority queue as a one time purchase or subscribe, but there is no discount or benefit to subscribing to priority queue. I would recommend for first time players to purchase priority queue for one month to try it out before subscribing.

At $19.99/month, 2b2t’s priority queue is quite pricy when compared to other gaming subscriptions. The Xbox Ultimate Game Pass is $14.99/month, and Playstation Now is $9.99/month. If you have limited money to spend on gaming, it might be better to spend your money on other gaming subscriptions like Xbox and Playstation where you get more bang for your buck. 2b2t is after all just a single Minecraft server.

It is important to note that priority queue does not necessarily grant you instant access to the 2b2t Minecraft server. Looking at 2b2t.io the bottom red line shows the current size of the priority queue. As of the time of writing the size was 0, which should grant you instant access to the server. However, many users have reported waiting 5-10 minutes in the priority queue on peak days to join the server.

How much do you like 2b2t? 2b2t is a famous Minecraft server that has a rich history, and is notable for spawning many famous Youtubers–most notably FitMC. Playing on the server means that you get to be a part of Minecraft history. Maybe you can become the next big name on the server, and become famous in the Minecraft community.

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