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MrBeast Jobs – Minecraft Modder

Last Updated on February 24, 2022 by tim

MrBeast is known for his crazy videos, extraordinary stunts, and the variety of his business endeavors–burgers and chocolate bars. I was curious about whether the largest Youtube brand was hiring, and found this page: https://www.mrbeastjobs.com/#jobs that has ~13 positions.

A lot of them are somewhat conventional, like director or producer, but Minecraft Modder stood out to me as something you don’t see everyday. The job description states:

We are looking for a Minecraft modder for the Mr. Beast Gaming YouTube channel who is experienced with the Fabric modding toolchain. You will be responsible for managing the creation of various Minecraft mods using Fabric for our videos. Applicants should be highly familiar with the core game API, as well as tweaking the game through Mixins, implementing custom entity AI, adding new items and blocks, and have the ability to work with other programmers and artists through GitHub while writing clear and concise code.

This position is fully remote

This position is paid

This position requires you to be 18+

The ideal candidate has, but is not limited to:

– Familiar with the Fabric modding toolchain for producing game modifications in a team

– Skilled at using Mixin to modify the game as needed

– Experienced with using version control systems such as git to manage code alongside teammates

– Previous experience working for YouTubers who produce content using Minecraft mods

– A Passion for YouTube

– Great organizational skills

– Ability to communicate over Discord daily

– Ability to work exclusively for us 

– Self Driven

Wasn’t sure what Fabric was, so I did a quick Google search and found ~147,000 results, which isn’t that much. Looks like only someone with specialized experience can take this position.

Its cool to see that someone can make money for something that they were probably just doing for fun. Wonder how much MrBeast is paying for this, but as this is coding/engineering related, has to be something substantial.

It also looks like MrBeast uses Discord to communicate with his employees. Not something you see everyday, many companies would use Slack/Microsoft Teams/Google Chat. But I guess it fits the image of a gaming company.

He also offers some good benefits for his employees, which looks like something you would see in Silicon Valley. Makes sense as he is essentially running a digital entertainment company.

Take a look at https://www.mrbeastjobs.com/#jobs and apply for the position if you are interested, definitely unconventional for the average engineer but would be a great way to break into the digital content market.

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