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9b9t vs 2b2t – Which is Better?

Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by tim

9b9t and 2b2t are both two popular Minecraft anarchy servers. Anarchy servers have no rules and typically allow hacking/exploits. Which should you consider joining?

2b2t – Server IP: 2b2t.org


  • Oldest Minecraft Anarchy Server. Server was created December 2010 so it has a lot of history for you to explore.
  • Famous and Well Known Community. Becoming famous on 2b2t typically means you are famous in the overall Minecraft community. You can join Youtubers like FitMC that have millions of subscribers.


  • Long and massive queue. Joining the server means waiting in a queue for hours. You can skip the queue by purchasing Priority Queue for $19.99 a month, but before you do why don’t you take a look at some tips to help skip the queue?

9b9t – Server IP: 9b9t.com


  • No queue. Join the server and get right into playing.
  • Has a strong and active community. Over 400,000 unique players have connected to the server.


  • Not as much history as 2b2t. Not that much to explore, after you leave spawn it is mostly vanilla Minecraft with natural terrain.


Overall, the choice between 9b9t and 2b2t comes down to preference and your wallet. Both servers provide the anarchy experience, but 9b9t has no queue unlike 2b2t. $19.99/month for priority queue on 2b2t might be too much for some people, but 2b2t has more history to explore than 9b9t.

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