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Earn Free Automated Passive Income with AdFly and Twitter

Last Updated on March 28, 2022 by tim

AdFly (adf.ly) is a well known link shortener that pays you whenever someone visits your shortened link. After someone clicks on your AdFly shortened link, they are redirected to ads for a few seconds before they can proceed to the destination. Combining AdFly and Twitter, you can create a free automated passive income stream with little effort.

The overall system looks something like the following:

(1) Source media (Blog, News site, etc.) -> (2) dlvr.it -> (3) adf.ly -> (4) Twitter

1. First, you will need to find a regularly updated RSS feed. WordPress sites by default have publicly exposed RSS feeds, just add /feed/ to the end of the URL. For example, the RSS feed for QUG is qug.net/feed/. Look at this documentation for more details about RSS feeds and WordPress.

Another method is to find RSS feeds from popular news sites. Take a look at this list to find RSS feeds from news sites like CNN, NPR, New York Times.

2. dlvr.it is a site that can be used to deliver a RSS feed to your Twitter account. Essentially, when the RSS feed updates a tweet is created on your Twitter account. The tweet can contain a link to the original news article/blog post along with a short text summary. dlvr.it has a free plan that allows for 50 tweets a month, take a look at its pricing page for more details. 50 is enough, you do not want to spam Twitter.

3. Configure dlvr.it to shorten the link with adf.ly before creating the tweet. Adf.ly has a link shortener endpoint that you can give to dlvr.it. dlvr.it has some documentation here on how to add third party external link shorteners, just add your personal adf.ly shortener endpoint here.

4. The tweet with the adf.ly shortened link should now be posted on Twitter. You should now earn money whenever someone clicks on the link. When the RSS feed updates with a new news article/blog post, dlvr.it will automatically create the adf.ly tweet on your Twitter account.

Some tips:

  • To expand your income, you will need to gain Twitter followers. Try to create your Twitter account around certain niches and look for active blogs/sites that are posting about that niche. Hopefully you can attract followers that are interested in that niche.
  • Limit the number of tweets that you send out. Twitter can ban you for spamming, and the free plan for dlvr.it only allows 50 tweets a month anyways.
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