How to Skip the 2b2t Queue for Free

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim, the oldest Minecraft anarchy server, is infamous for having a very long queue. Youtubers like FitMC have driven lots of new players to the server, causing queue times to stretch into hours. Purchasing priority queue will allow you to instantly skip the queue, but it costs $19.99/month, which is simply too much for many players. Here are some ways how you can skip the queue, or at least reduce the time spent waiting, for free:

  • Login at off peak hours. is a useful site that shows the current length of the queue. Expanding the timeframe to 7 days, you can clearly see that the size of the queue rises and falls regularly as people go to sleep. Weekdays also tend to have less people than weekends and holidays. Try to enter the queue at a period of low demand to save time.

  • See if anyone well known is currently playing. Use the 2b2t Tablist to see a live player list of people on the server. If you see a big name like FitMC, you can bet the queue will be extra long.

  • Use automated tools to wait in the queue for you. Download and setup 2bored2wait – an automated bot that can wait in the queue for you while you go do other things. This will require some technical knowledge, but the instructions are given in the GitHub repository. You will need to be able to use Docker and run simple shell commands given in the instructions.


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