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Cryptokitties is a Scam

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

4 years after its release, Cryptokitties have proved to be a waste of money and a complete scam.

  • Gas fees are too high. Want to breed a kitty, sell a kitty, buy a kitty? Be prepared to pay thousands in gas fees. Ethereum price as of 12/2021 was $3664.08, and some users have reported seeing gas fees as high as $18,000 just to play the game. Ethereum price has increased significantly since 2017, and the developers need to update the game to reduce the price of basic operations.
  • Developers and community have abandoned the game. The developers, Dapper Labs, has not paid much attention to Cryptokitties. Why should they, when they can focus on other more profitable NFTs, like NBA Top Shot? Clearly, Cryptokitties was just a pump and dump scam. The community also has clearly given up on Cryptokitties, just accepting its demise as a part of crypto/Ethereum history and moving on.
  • Cryptokitties is heavily centralized can shut down at any moment. Despite existing on the Blockchain, Cryptokitties needs Dapper Labs to survive. Without Dapper Labs, no one can view the cute cat pictures, buy, or sell their cats. There are third party NFT marketplaces out there, but they mean nothing if you can’t access your cat on Dapper Labs’ Cryptokitties website. Owning a cat also does not mean that you own the picture of the cat, that is still owned by Dapper Labs.

At this point, I am hoping that someone will create an “open-source” Cryptokitties project that can recreate the fun of the original game at its release. Maybe just use the existing Blockchain and associate open-source cat pictures with each cat. Or just start a new game with cheaper prices that are more appropriate for the current state of Ethereum.

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