How to Reduce Your Internet Bill

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

If you don’t have an internet connection, or just don’t feel like coughing up the money for something you only use once a week, here is how you can get free or cheap internet.

Number 1: Find a Free Wireless Connection (Wifi)

Finding free wifi is now easier than ever. Many businesses, such as cafes and coffee shops, now offer free wifi: look for any signs or flyers advertising this. Some places that you may be able to find free wifi could be the local public library, Barnes and Noble, McDonald’s, the airport, university campus, independent coffee shop, or hotel lobby. However, not all airports or hotels or even campuses offer free wifi, so be sure to ask around to find out if yours does.

Number 2: Share a Neighbors or Roommates Wireless Connection

Often a search for wireless networks in the neighborhood brings up some of your neighbors wireless networks. Ask your neighbors for permission to use their wifi. If your neighbor says yes, consider offering to pay a share of the internet bill as a way to say thank you.

If you have roommates, consider getting one internet connection for everyone to share. You just need to remember to split the bill.

Final Information

  • Don’t do any banking or online purchases on any unsecured wireless connection because you’re connecting to an unencrypted connection. You never know who is “listening in”- could be a hacker waiting to find out your bank account.
  • Please note that using someone’s wireless network without their permission may be illegal in some areas and you may be subject to consequences.
  • The internet connection probably won’t be fast. It will most likely actually be very slow. Before you get angry, please remember: The internet connection was free. So don’t complain!


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