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Use ReadyBoost to Speed Up Your Computer

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

Windows includes a feature called ReadyBoost that lets you plug in a flash memory stick or SD card to store commonly used files for quicker access than off the hard drive. This allows for quicker system speed and better computer performance.

Step 1: Navigate to ReadyBoost

Just stick any flash drive, SD card, or whatever flash device you want into your computer. Click “Speed Up My System” on the Autoplay window that pops up.

An alternative method is to navigate to the device in “My Computer” or “This PC” in Explorer, right click the device, and select the ReadyBoost tab.

Step 2: Enable ReadyBoost

Check “Use this device” and set the amount of space you want to use in the window. Windows will create a paging file on the disk, and will use it for faster access to files.


  • ReadyBoost will only work with USB flash drives or SD cards.
  • When you view your device, you will notice a ReadyBoost file the size you chose before. This will be deleted when you eject your card or flash drive. If you do not eject your flash drive before removing it, the file will still be on there but you can just delete it. ReadyBoost will recreate the cache the next time you use ReadyBoost.
  • System Performance Increase will vary from one computer to another. It all depends on your system.
  • Depending on your system, you may see a message saying that you do not need ReadyBoost as your computer is already fast enough.
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