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How to Download Torrents

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

A torrent stores data to be used by the protocol BitTorrent. It is a way how you can download large files without using too much of the host’s system resources. Rather than the data being transferred from one machine to the next, the various pieces of the file are held on many different computers. The torrent client communicates with other computers to see what pieces they have and exchanges pieces with other computers to eventually combine the various pieces into the whole, requested file. However, torrents require a special way how to download them, rather than just clicking the “Download” button in your browser.

Step 1: Install a Torrent Client and Find your Torrent File

Find a torrent program that suits your torrent needs, the most common clients are µTorrentDelugeVuzeBitTorrent. There are plenty of other clients available as well, so do your reasearch and download/install one. Now you need to find your torrent file. Be sure to check how many Seeders there are. (Seeders are people who have a complete copy of the torrent’s files and are only uploading (sending) data to the people who are downloading (receiving). The more the faster you will download your file.) Download the .torrent file. You can then close your web browser.

Step 2: Start the Download

Now you need to open your torrent client. Look for an option to Add a torrent file to start downloading it. If you do not know where you can add the torrent file, refer to your selected torrent client’s documentation or help guide. After you add the torrent file, the download will start immediately. A lot of torrent clients will use a lot of system resources, so please do not be doing anything that takes high system resources. When the torrent file is done downloading completely, it will notify you. Just close the torrent client and enjoy your new files!

Extra Information

  • Many torrents are illegal and violate copyright laws. Be careful of what you download. I do not condone piracy.
  • Keep your virus protection program up to date. You never know if the torrent contains a virus.
  • Be sure to know what your ISP says about torrenting. Many ISPs limit your Bittorrent traffic, causing slow downloads or even stopping them altogether! Also be sure to watch your ISP quota system (If they have one.) By torrenting you can exceed your ISP quota unintentionally.
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