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5 Tips For the Perfect Burger

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

Sure, you can just plunk down a piece of meat and call it a burger. But that doesn’t make it the perfect burger. Here are some tips to make that perfect burger you always wanted to sink your teeth into.

Tip 1: Use Good Meat

The meat is the heart of a perfect burger. Don’t just buy some meat because it happens to be the cheapest or the leanest. Sure the leanest might save you some weight here and there, but for the perfect burger we want juicy meat, not something that will be cardboard by the time we are done.

Tip 2: Don’t Push Down on the Meat

Pushing down on the meat will cause the juices of the burger to be squeezed out. That is what we do not want, as the juices are the flavor of the meat. Instead, take the extra minute to cook the meat, and keep in the juices for a more flavorful burger.

Tip 3: Put the Cheese On Before It Leaves the Grill

A simple tip, but it means a lot. Putting the cheese on before the burger leaves the grill will cause the cheese to melt slightly, and it might even be oozing before it reaches the plate. The gooey cheese will flavor the burger, and make the meat taste better.

Tip 4: Rest the Meat Before Serving

After taking the meat off the grill, leave it to rest for two to three minutes. This will allow the burger to redistribute its juices and not immediately lose its juices the instant someone takes a bite.

Tip 5: Have Plenty of Toppings on Hand

I hope you weren’t planning to serve that burger plain, were you? Everyone likes their burger with different toppings, so be sure to have plenty of toppings on hand. Be sure to have the staples: lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, but also consider having some other less common toppings such as pepperoncini, jalapenos, or dried cranberries.

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