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Easily Install Loads of Good Free Software with Ninite

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

Want to easily install all your favorite software in one big swoop, without all those individual installers you have to download? Then check out Ninite, a free service that will install all of your favorite software with only a couple of clicks.

Ninite and all the applications it offers are totally free, and some are open source. Ninite will install the software with default settings, reject all other software add-ons the installer will try to add, and accept the software agreement terms automatically.

That’s right, Ninite is a completely automatic application installer. Here is how to use it to install your favorite programs.

How to Use Ninite

  • Go to the Ninite website here. Pick the applications you want to install.
  • After you have selected the software you want to install, click the “Get Installer” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Download the Ninite installer file, and run it.
  • Now Ninite will automatically install all of your selected applications. No clicking is necessary.
  • Once it is done, just close the Ninite installer. The selected applications should now be installed on your computer. Enjoy!
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