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How to Make a Good Speech

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

It is no secret that public speaking isn’t as easy as it sounds for many people. Me included. Just the thought of getting up there in front of a large audience with everyone staring at you is enough to make some people cry. Never fear, with a couple of tips you can turn those shaky legs into strong confidence.

It All Starts Even Before You Speak

As you get up to say your speech, the audience is already judging you. Even before your first word comes out of your mouth they will have decided if you are good or a bad speaker. A rule of thumb is, Expectation becomes reality. What the audience expects usually becomes what they see, no matter what the actual presentation is.


The Solution?


Walk confidently with a powerful stride in front of the audience. Make them feel like you are someone special with plenty of powerful things to say. Never admit your uneasy feelings about your speech; that is a recipe for disaster.


Self-Confidence Is the Key


If you are not confident about your speech, how is the audience supposed to feel confident about you? Don’t be afraid to look up at the audience. Too many times people just bury themselves in their notes, not paying attention to what the audience is doing or responding. Regularly sweep your eyes at the audience from side to side and from back to front. This will help your audience get the message you are trying to put across. Remember, your audience most likely chose to listen to your speech- Make them feel good about the decision to listen to you.

Powerful Speaking


The best speakers not only have good words, but effectively convey those words with feeling. Tone and pitch is the key. Vary your voice depending on the mood of your speech, and make sure to do it regularly. No one likes a monotone speaker rambling on and on. Be sure to not mix up your tone as well- Don’t make it seem as if you are joking if you are not. The tone and pitch of your voice can and will make or break your speech to the audience.

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