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Unusual Items Worth Packing on A Vacation

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

When you are packing, you might not think of these must-haves to your packing list. Consider these strange and unusual items you might want to pack and bring along on your next vacation.

Number 1: Color Copy Of Passport

If you are traveling in a foreign country, a color copy of your passport is a must. It can help identify who you are, and possibly get you out of a pinch. It can also help you identify your baggage, and if you lose your passport the replacement process will go much smoother with a color copy at your hand.

Number 2: Duct Tape

Why would you want duct tape on a vacation? Duct tape is very handy for quick repair of things such as torn luggage or a broken shoe. It is also very good for sealing things that might spill and cause a mess.

Number 3: A Clothespin

A clothespin is really handy for holding things together, such as some papers or hotel shades. Much stronger than a flimsy paperclip, bringing a clothespin might help you when you least expect it.

Number 4: Language Notes

When in a Non-English speaking country, bringing along a miniature spiral-bound notebook and a pen is a must. It is very handy for people to write information inside, such as the time of the next train, or the taxi driver’s fare. You can always draw a picture and show someone exactly what you are looking for.

Number 5: Plastic Trash Compactor Bags

These bags are much thicker than regular trash bags, and do not rip as easily. They have 1,000s of uses, but the most notable is a quick way to carry and store your things. It can hold almost anything, and is a staple in camping gear.

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