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How to Get Well Fast When Sick

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

You are stuck home with nothing to do, and you are now browsing the internet. Getting well fast is crucial to going back to work or school quickly to not miss too many days. Here is how to get better quickly.

Number 1: Get Plenty Of Rest

Rest is crucial to a good recovery from your illness. When you are resting or sleeping your body doesn’t have to work as much as if you are walking around. If you can’t sleep, lie down with a book or watch TV. Try to not use too much energy, and your body will start to concentrate on getting better.

Number 2: Eat Right

If you are really sick, your body may not feel like eating. Do it anyway. Even a couple bites will go a long way to helping your body get better. Eat a variety of food to feed your body the nutrients it needs to get well. Avoid fried food, sweets, and fatty foods. These are harder for the body to digest and may hinder your ability to get well.

Number 3: Drink Plenty of Liquids

Being sick, you may not drink much liquid until you realize you are dehydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids (mostly water) to cleanse your system and help you get well. Do not replace water with coffee, soft drinks, or alcohol. These will dehydrate you instead of what you want, getting liquid into your body. Concentrate on drinking water and going to the bathroom frequently to clean your body on the inside.

Number 4: Take Medicine

If you are feeling really bad or have a prescription from the doctor, use it. Be sure to follow the directions exactly as stated and read all warnings. If it is over-the-counter medicine from the pharmacy, make sure it is the right type of medicine. Be sure to not skip a dose of medicine, don’t go over the limit, and only use the medicine for the amount of time that you are supposed to use it. (Example: The doctor says to use the medicine only for two weeks, you use it for three.)

Number 5: Be Hygenic

Take regular showers/baths. This will help to wash off any bacteria on your skin, keep you clean, and the steam from the hot water will help clear your nose/throat passages if they’re a little stuffy from your sickness. Also, be sure to wash your hands often. Germs that can make you sick hide on your hands. You want to avoid reinfecting yourself and exposing others to your sickness. Also, be sure to cover your coughs and sneezes to avoid infecting someone else with your illness.

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