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Pokemon Go Tip: Maximize Pokemon Caught by Riding the Bus

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

So there is this mobile game called Pokemon Go that has sweeped the world, or maybe just the United States. It involves walking around outside with your phone out, trying to catch virtual Pokemon that will just randomly appear on your screen.

Only a Pokemon Go player would say that 16% is a lot of battery.

There are these things called eggs, which are hatched when you walk a certain distance. In order to get these eggs, you must visit certain locations called Poke Stops, which provide you with Pokeballs to catch Pokemon, potions to heal your Pokemon, and various other trinkets (such as revives for your “fainted” Pokemon.

Did the developers of this game know how long it takes to walk 10 km? And of course only 9 egg slots.

Naturally I decided to find the best way to cheat the system.

I found that taking the bus is the most efficient way to hatch your eggs, catch Pokemon, and collect items from Poke Stops without sweating like Usain Bolt after a race.

You see, Pokemon Go detects when you are moving too fast (as is the case with a regular car) and will prevent you from adding steps to your eggs. Also, a car travels too quickly for you to have enough time to catch Pokemon or collect items from Poke Stops unless you have the quickest fingers in the world.

However, the bus travels slowly enough to fool Pokemon Go into thinking that you are just a very, very fast runner. And it stops enough times for you to hit those crucial Poke Stops.

I decided to take the bus to see just how effective taking the bus was while playing Pokemon Go. Here are the results:

Now, all I need to figure out is how to fix the battery draining issue.

Success! I now have so many items in my bag that I am running out of space. The nice thing about bus routes is that they tend to run on major streets, meaning there are plenty of Poke Stops to hit.

One word of caution: Be careful when catching Pokemon on the bus. Pokemon Go uses your phone’s camera to catch Pokemon, and I learned pretty quickly that strangers on the bus don’t want a camera being shoved in their faces. Luckily there is an option to disable the use of your camera when catching Pokemon. Simply toggle the AR option in the top right of your screen to disable your camera when catching Pokemon.

And there you have it, now you have a ton of items and Pokemon without getting tired at all! Well, at least until this happens:

And I was just about to catch that Pikachu…



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