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How to Find Free ebooks

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

You have a ebook reader, or a laptop or netbook with ebook reading software, now you are looking for some ebooks to put it to good use. Luckily, there are thousands of ebooks out there, all for the best price of free!

Before We Begin

First, you will obviously need an ebook reader. This could be a physical device special to reading ebooks, or just your laptop, smart phone, or computer running ebook software.

Second, for converting between ebook formats I recommend Calibre. Calibre is wonderful software for managing and converting your ebook collection.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the oldest and best free ebook web site. Started by Michael Hart in the 1970s, the collection has grown and expanded to include more than 33,000 books and documents. Also, Project Gutenberg offers many popular ebook formats, such as ePub, Kindle, HTML, and basic text documents.


ManyBooks is a more modern website than the older Project Gutenberg. Along with its massive collection of free ebooks, ManyBooks offers many extras such as detailed entries for each book with summaries, cover art, book reviews, and books formatted in over 20 digital formats.


DailyLit offers a different approach to ebooks. Rather than offer an entire book for instant download, you pick a book and DailyLit will send a chunk of the book to you everyday. It is not a perfect system, but fits well with busy lifestyles. DailyLit currently features a selection of around a thousand books.


FeedBooks itself is not totally free as they do sell ebooks, but they offer free public domain and original books. Between both sections they have thousands of novels, short stories, and poetry collections. It is one of the smaller collections in this list but free is free. All FeedBooks ebooks are in ePUB format.

Amazon’s Free and Discounted Section

You might be able to score some good books at Amazon, however the trouble to get them is high- unless you’re a Kindle owner or Kindle software user. To use the free books you’ll need to send them either to your Kindle or to your Kindle software on your computer, Android phone, or other device. To view the ebooks on a different device, you need to change the file format. Send the books to your Kindle for PC account, open the folder with your books, and open up the ebooks in Calibre. Public domain and completely free books are not encrypted and you can easily use Calibre to convert them to other formats. Books which are not public domain but are temporarily free as a promotion are still encrypted and cannot be converted in Calibre.

Free Amazon ebooks: Public Domain and 100%-off-promotion Books

Note: The Nook ebook store has a similar free section, though not as large as Amazon’s.

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