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How Do I Study for a Test?

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

Oh no, the test is coming up soon! How do I ace it to get my grades up? No one can ace the test without thoroughly studying and understanding the material the test is on. If you want to get an A+, you need to have prepared yourself thoroughly in advance, and have some “tricks” up your sleeve.

Step 1: Plan

  • You need to have a realistic goal. Consider your strength in the subject and how well you do on tests.
  • Plan your study time. Do you have a couple days, or worse a couple minutes? Spacing out your study time in blocks as opposed to cramming information into your brain makes you more likely to remember information on the test.
  • Know what material you are being tested on. There is nothing worse than studying the wrong material for the test. Be sure to know what the test is on, and if you don’t, Ask! It will save you a lot of trouble.

Step 2: Study!

  • Start studying in advance! You will have more time to study, and will breathe easier when the test comes.
  • Make a review sheet. List important facts on it that you might need to know for the test. Write questions and put the answers underneath to give yourself practice tests.
  • Study important things over and over again. Repetition is key! Repeating it over and over again in your brain or saying the information repeatedly will help you remember it for the test.
  • Study in a good place. Make sure your study place is quiet, and there are no distractions. You might want to go somewhere like the library, or if it is quiet enough, the park.
  • Don’t over study. Don’t try to remember the small, unimportant facts! Instead, try to remember the important facts or the main ideas of the information. For example, on one of my simple reading quizzes, one of the questions were “How many dogs did the trainer have?” Unfortunately I spent all my time studying the details of the interior of the animal shelter, and missed a simple question I could have got! So don’t follow my example, and instead try to study the important information.

Reader’s Tips

Pierre Savoie says, “Another hint from my student days: if you have formulas, a list, or something to remember, put it on a piece of paper, memorize it as thoroughly as possible just before being admitted into the test-hall. Before entering, THROW IT AWAY. Then when you enter the test hall and take your seat, write down this key formula or list somewhere on your test’s scrap-paper. It doesn’t violate any rules since you carried it in your head, not on a crib-sheet.”

Go Ace that Test!

There you go, those are my tips on how to study for a big test. Please remember that even if you spent a long time studying for the test, it is still possible to get something wrong on the test. So my last pieces of advice?

  • Don’t stress about the test the night before. Be sure to study well in advance.
  • Get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast. You can’t let your body be tired or hungry the day of the test. It can distract you from the test and cause you to make silly careless errors.
  • Don’t think negatively! Always try to think positive.
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