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Town of Salem: How to Win as Jester

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tim

Town of Salem is a browser based game of cheating, lies, and deception. The town wants to kill the mafia, and the mafia wants to kill the town. There are neutral roles, such as the serial killer, that each have their own special win conditions. These neutral roles complicate the game, as although each neutral role has their own specific win condition they are each aligned to either good or evil (in relation to the town).

The jester is one of those neutral roles. To win as a jester you must be successfully lynched by the other players in a game. After being lynched you have the option to haunt someone who lynched you, killing them as an act of revenge. Getting lynched is easier said than done, as this usually means that others suspect that you are guilty.

This is the case unless the mafia and serial killer make up a majority of the players left, which means that they are eager to lynch anyone. The mafia will lynch you in hopes that you are the serial killer, and the serial killer will lynch you in hopes that you are the mafia. I have found that the best strategy to win as Jester is to not do anything. Sounds odd?

It does because it goes against your first instinct as a player. As a jester you might be tempted to try and cast blame on yourself, but I have found that this strategy tends to backfire. Deliberately looking guilty will arose people’s suspicion, and some might outright accuse you of being a jester. People are well aware of the fact that the jester can instantly kill someone after his lynching, and many are not willing to lynch someone they even remotely suspect to be a jester. Therefore, do nothing.

Do not vote to lynch other players, talk in chat, or communicate with other players at all. Remember, do nothing for the entire game! I have won many times as a jester using this strategy, and the reason why it works is because of the way how a typical mafia or serial killer plays the game. With a few notable exceptions (the very good ranked players), the majority of evil roles tend to stay quiet to draw suspicion off of themselves. Since you are a jester you want to look evil–so stay quiet! It will look like you have something to hide. This strategy works exceptionally well if you are being questioned about your role, as staying quiet will make it seem as though you are guilty. Remember, your goal is to be lynched by the town so you want to look guilty.

An exception to the rule of staying quiet would be if you are jailed by the jailer and questioned during the night. Being killed by the jailer is an automatic loss, so don’t be afraid to lie about what your role is in this situation.

Hope this tip helped you to become a better jester! Happy haunting!


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