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How to Make Money Playing 2b2t Minecraft

Last Updated on July 30, 2022 by tim

2b2t, the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft, is notorious for not having any server rules–meaning that an enterprising player can make lots of money playing on 2b2t. Here are some ideas on how you can earn money playing on your favorite Minecraft server.

  • Sell Items and Kits

New Players are joining 2b2t constantly, and they need gear. Why not try to sell some items to some new players? Simply place kits at certain locations around spawn, and give the location to your buyer after receiving payment. Easy money!

  • Become a YouTuber or Streamer

Many players are eager to learn more about 2b2t, but don’t have the patience or time to actually play on the server. Why not post some 2b2t videos online and make money? FitMC makes a living posting 2b2t videos online, and you can too. 2b2t is a famous server, you can post videos about any topic on the server and get viewers. As you gain more views, your ad and sponsor money will increase. Also don’t forget about streaming. With time you can build up a sizable audience and income stream.

  • Create Hacks and Clients for 2b2t Players

2b2t allows hacks, which are essential for new players that want to survive and escape spawn. Some popular hack clients are Impact and Future. If you are a skilled coder/programmer, why not create a hack client to use on 2b2t? You can charge a flat rate or monthly subscription fee to build a steady income stream. Pay close attention to your users and community, and implement special features that are not offered in other hack clients. Even if you decide to offer the client for free, you can still rake in cash from donations. 2b2t is not the only anarchy server, and you can expand your user base as more players start to learn about and use your hack client.

  • Offer Special Services (Assassin/Hitman, Bodyguard, Builder, Griefer)

Many rich players on 2b2t are looking to hire players that can offer special services. Maybe they have a grudge against a specific player and want him taken out. Or they will be traveling long distances and want a bodyguard to protect them. Maybe they are building a large base and need some help. Or they want a certain base destroyed. Regardless of the service, you can make some money by hiring yourself out to other players. Trust is key here, as your hirer may be concerned that you might betray them and compromise their plans. However, for the right client and player this can be a lucrative way to make money.

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