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Why the Youtuber Beluga Is a Genius

Last Updated on June 26, 2022 by tim

Beluga is one of the fastest growing Youtubers in the world and seems unstoppable. He is gaining subscribers at an astronomical rate, growing his channel by around 8 million subscribers from 2021-2022. Beluga’s deep understanding of current pop culture, memes, and generational angst rank him as one of the greatest Youtubers who ever lived, and a true genius. Here I will attempt to decipher Beluga’s rise and what it means for the future.

  • Who is Beluga?

Beluga is a 20 year old American Youtuber who posts Discord skits and meme videos. Socialblade reports that he is currently ranked 260 in the US, and his estimated yearly earnings are around $374.7K – $6M. He gained around 320K subscribers and 124M video views during the past month.

  • Why is Beluga a Genius?

Beluga starting posting his Discord skits during the Covid pandemic, when many people were trapped at home with little human contact. His videos perfectly encapsulated the angst that many people felt during the pandemic, as his Discord skits emulated the text-based conversations that many relied upon during the pandemic. Beluga shows an intimate knowledge of technology and how it transforms human communication. His humor is on point, and many people would agree with the statement that Beluga is the voice of his generation. Beluga’s homemade videos carefully tiptoe the line between an intimate joke shared amongst friends and mass communication–helping him to post meme videos without seeming corny or outdated.

This is something that even top corporate marketing teams educated at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. have failed to emulate. For example, take a look at this Instagram ad I’ve seen for Hopper that tries to emulate the homemade style but just seems corny and distasteful. No one would use the Notes app to talk with friends, and the text just seems like an emulation of a “young person conversation”.

People want videos that are funny, but with jokes that they understand as no one wants to feel stupid or left out by not understanding something.

Corporate marketing teams have a lot to learn from Beluga. The key with Beluga is that he is not afraid to make fun of himself, which is far different from the corporate desire to seem perfect in the public eye. Beluga is a genius as rather than just copying the latest memes, as most people would do, he has made himself the meme. Now he gets to control the narrative and we are just pawns in Beluga’s universe.

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