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How to Get Free GitHub Copilot Forever

Last Updated on June 23, 2022 by tim

GitHub Copilot is GitHub’s new AI that can write code for you. It is incredibly powerful and useful, but costs $10/month or $100/year. For many people GitHub Copilot seems expensive, so how can you get it for free?

  • Work on Open Source Projects

People who maintain popular open source projects can receive free access to GitHub Copilot. Look here for more information. GitHub defines a maintainer of a popular open source project as someone who has write or admin access to one or more of the most popular open source projects on GitHub. Initially you will receive a free 12 month subscription, but as long as you are still working on the open source project you are able to renew the subscription indefinitely–making this a way to get GitHub Copilot for free forever.

  • Be a Student

Another way to get access to GitHub Copilot for free is to be a student. If you are a student that has joined the GitHub Global Campus Program, you get access to GitHub Copilot for free through the Student Developer Pack. GitHub has some instructions on how to apply for the GitHub Developer Pack. The key requirement is that you must be a student that has a valid school-issued email address or have documents showing your current student status. Many people spend years in school, making this a great method to get GitHub Copilot for free. Also, while you have access to the GitHub Developer Pack why don’t you check out what you can get for free from the pack?

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