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What is 2b2t’s IP – 2b2t Server Information

Last Updated on June 23, 2022 by tim

2b2t’s IP is 2b2t.org. There is a test server for 2b2t that can be found at test.2b2t.org.

  • What is 2b2t’s Server Version?

2b2t.org is running Minecraft version 1.12.2. test.2b2t.org is running Minecraft version 1.18. 2b2t has not been updated in over 5 years and lacks the latest Minecraft features, such as the Warden.

  • Are Hacks Allowed on 2b2t?

2b2t is Minecraft’s oldest anarchy server, meaning that hacks are allowed and essential if you want to survive. I recommend downloading and installing Impact, which is free. Make sure that you download and install the correct version.

  • How Old is 2b2t?

As of 2022, 2b2t is 11 years old. Its map size is over 14 TB and over 700,000 players have visited the server at least once. This means that by joining and playing on 2b2t, you are making your mark in Minecraft history.

  • Is 2b2t Pay to Win?

No, 2b2t is not pay to win. The only thing you can purchase is priority queue, which lets you enter the server faster. However, once you are in the server you do not have any special advantages. There are ways how you can skip the 2b2t queue for free.

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