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How to Earn Neopoints Fast on Neopets

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Last Updated on June 20, 2022 by tim

Neopoints are the main currency on Neopets, and if you want to do anything on the site (such as paint your pets custom colors or purchase items) you will need Neopoints. Unfortunately, many flash games are now unavailable on Neopets–taking away a key source of income for many players. Here are some ideas on how you can still earn significant amounts of Neopoints.

  • Stock Market

The stock market is one of the easiest ways to earn lots of Neopoints. Go to the Bargain Stock page to see what the cheapest stocks are. Keep in mind that you can only purchase 1,000 shares a day and the stock price must be at least 15 NP/share. Buy stock everyday and sell at around 60 NP/share. The stock market is cyclical, and if you wait long enough it is virtually guaranteed that you will make a large profit when you sell. You will need some initial capital to get started, I recommend having around 450,000 NP so you can comfortably purchase 15,000 NP worth of stock each day for a month.

  • Trudy’s Surprise (Daily Login Reward)

Each day you can spin Trudy’s Surprise Slot Machine for some free guaranteed Neopoints. If you spin for 25 consecutive days, you will get around 445,375 and 492,750 NP total. This is an easy way to build up Neopoints. If you are starting out on a new account, I recommend pairing this method with the stock market. Simply spinning the wheel for a month will give you enough Neopoints to start investing in the stock market.

  • Bank Interest

The National Neopian Bank gives you free Neopoints everyday for just holding a balance. Simply deposit your Neopoints and click the button each day to claim your interest. You can start to upgrade your bank account upon reaching certain balance thresholds, which increases your earned interest. Keep in mind that even if your Neopoints falls below the threshold for a certain bank account tier your account will not be downgraded. You can essentially cheat the system by depositing 10 million Neopoints into the bank, upgrading to the Ultimate Riches bank account, and receive 12.5% annual interest forever regardless of your bank balance.

  • Restocking

Restocking refers to reselling items to other players that you purchased from an official Neopets store. Two of my favorite stores are the Book Shop and Stamp Shop. These shops sell items that are easy to resell, and are very slow (meaning that there is minimal competition with other players to purchase the items). I recommend for new players to have the Shop Wizard open in another tab and check the prices for items before buying. Once you find an item that is profitable, buy as much of it as you can and list it for sale on your shop. This method will yield steady income, and is a great way to start earning Neopoints fast with minimal starting funds. I recommend having around 25,000 Neopoints before starting to restock, which should be plenty if you use your earnings to purchase more inventory and expand your shop.

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